Oct 12 2017

5 Tips For Keeping The Grout Out


Keeping tiled floors free of grout can be a very difficult task, being that it’ so easy for dirt to settle into the tiles and try to make a permanent home there so often. But there are some simple and less costly ways to keep these types of floors clean and free of the grime that takes so long to remove after it’s set in.

Here are 5 tips for cleaning floor tiles:

1. Cover tiles with baking soda, then fill a spray bottle with vinegar. Spray the vinegar on the baking soda and let the mixture sit for a few minutes, then clean the floor as usual.

2. Use a grout brush and a little water, and scrub the tiles with the brush, only adding small amounts of the water while scrubbing.

3. Spray the grout with water, then apply baking soda to the area. Let the paste-like mixture sit for a few minutes. Afterwards, spray a little more water on the baking soda, then clean with a brush.

4. Use a simple combination of dish detergent and water to remove stubborn grease from the floor. Some dish detergents are better at working on hard grease, so choose the detergent that you think will work best.

5. Regular cleaning of floors can keep dirt from setting in, so making sure that your floors stay free of dirt by mopping, sweeping or even vacuuming them on a regular basis can save you the task of having to spend a lot of time trying to remove resistant grout from them.

There are many more methods that can be used for cleaning tiles, but vinegar and baking soda solutions are the top non-chemical substances that are the most effective on the kind of grime that comes along with grout. Vinegar is best when used on natural stone tiles, because its acidic quality may be more abrasive to some other types of tiled floors.

Other products that have been used for cleaning grout from tiles are, hydrogen peroxide, scouring powder, such as Comet or Ajax, and cornstarch. All of those things are used with water when applying them to the floor. And some people choose to use sealer after cleaning grout for the purpose of keeping dirt from building back up in the tile. Drying floors immediately after mopping them, and keeping them free of muddy situations will prevent wet dirt from turning into hard to remove grime.

Dec 1 2016

Ten Tips For A Deep Clean At Home


Deep cleaning your home is a necessity when you wish to keep the space clean, and you cannot clean in a haphazard manner. There are ten steps you may use when cleaning your home, and each one brings you a bit closer to living in a spotless home. You may not use each of the ten methods at once, but you may employ them when necessary. The house comes clean with ease, and you remain on a schedule that is beneficial to you and your family.

#1: Mop the floor with a rejuvenating oil. Your hardwood floors will come alive under the sheen of an oil, and every bit of dirt and fluff will fall away.
#2: Wipe down every surface with a home cleaning spray. Do not skip any flat surface, and use the spray liberally.
#3: Clean behind every appliance and piece of furniture you have in the house. A deep clean touches every part of the house before you are finished.
#4: Clean under all your furniture and appliances. Each item collects dust and garbage easily.
#5: Change every linen in your home. You may change them when the seasons change, and you may deep wash the other linens in the interim.
#6: Bleach your toilets and shower. You may bleach the surface to keep everything clean, and you must do so once a year when you notice grime rising on each surface.
#7: Vacuum clean the carpets in the house using an industrial machine.
#8: Wipe down the ceiling and borders of every room with a warm cloth. You must clean there once a year to ensure the ceiling is not covered in dust you have never reached. The same is true for spiders that hide in the corners of the ceiling.
#9: Clear out your basement or storage space. The basement and storage space around your house is quite important to you, but you must pitch every excess item for the betterment of your home.
#10: Clean out your attic. Everything in the attic is stored for future use, but you may have several items that are simply not useful to you in the least. Getting rid of each item leaves you house much cleaner than it was before.

You may complete a deep clean of your home over the course several weeks using each technique listed. The house comes clean, and you purge your life of unnecessary items.

Jan 19 2015

Carpet Protector


Carpet protector is a transparent substance that repels dirt and stains; it can be applied to carpet, helping to maintain the cleanliness of any carpet. Carpet protector coats the fibers of carpet, preventing them from sticking to and absorbing fluids and debris quickly, which allows easier removal of such substances before they dirty the carpet. It is usually applied as a spray application, best done by professionals just after cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL Reviews

Carpet protector greatly reduces the work of maintaining a carpet. It makes a big difference around children or pets, or in high traffic areas. Having protector-covered carpet increases time between cleanings, as liquid stains, dirt, and debris are easier to pickup before they have a chance of settling into the carpet pile; most cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner rather than requiring untimely and potentially expensive service calls. It helps sustain the uniformity of entire carpet so that high-traffic paths aren’t obvious by such factors as changed color, texture, and fragrance.

Application Mistakes
In order to produce the best results, carpet protector needs to be applied properly; this is best done by professionals. We want you to call on us for all your carpet protector and carpet care needs. While carpet protector sprays and adhesives are available to the consumer, these distributions are probably best for small areas and temporary applications; buying and keeping the equipment to cover entire rooms or homes is costly and cumbersome. Professional cleaners easily, quickly, and conveniently carry and deploy the equipment to properly protect carpet areas of all sizes. However, not all professionals may follow these tips for the safest and most effective use of carpet protector:

  • Before the protector has set into the carpet, it is adhesive and wet, especially vulnerable to dust. Dust drifts around the room during carpet cleaning and settles into dampened carpet before protector has set completely.
  • Low quality, cheap protector products are less effective against rough use; they may even chemically damage the carpet they’ve been applied to.
  • The product needs to be applied in an even layer of sufficient amount to coat the carpet strands thoroughly. However, if the product is applied too heavily, the carpet becomes stiff and gummy; under-applications don’t penetrate the strands enough to provide effective, long-lasting protection.
  • The solution is best kept in dedicated containers to prevent contamination when mixed with other chemicals such as detergents. Chemical mixing can disrupt product function, removing carpet protector’s adherence ability, changing carpet texture or appearance, and reducing the solution’s protective quality.Great Carpet Cleaning Mandeville LA company has a lot more information as well.


May 27 2016

DIY: Keeping Your Carpets Clean and Your Home Healthy


Carpets tend to trap dirt, bacteria, and viruses. Hiring a professional to come in, and clean your carpet is effective, but expensive. Here are some DIY tricks to keeping your carpets clean, and your home healthy.

Tip #1:Hypoallergenic Vacuum Filters
Dust, pollen, mites, and other allergens can get trapped in your carpet which is bad for your family’s health. Sometimes, traditional vacuums are not as effective at removing the allergens from your carpet. Invest in a hypoallergenic vacuum filter, or bag for your vacuum, and never fear allergens again.

Tip #2: Shampoo Your Carpets
Kids, pets, and life in general can track mud, dirt, viruses, and bacteria onto your carpet. For cleaner carpets, and better health buy a carpet cleaner, and shampoo your carpets once a month.
By shampooing your carpets yourself, you will save money in the long run. Your carpet will last longer, and you won’t be paying for a professional to come in and do basically the same thing.

Tip #3: Spot Scrub
Change your cleaning routine to include spot scrubbing your carpet every day. Take a bottle of carpet cleaner, and a scrub brush, and look for any footprints, dirty spots, or stains from daily traffic, and scrub them out.
If there are any spills, or pet accidents it is best to scrub them out immediately so they don’t seep down into the carpet pad.

Tip #4: Take Off Your Shoes
Think about it. Shoes are dragged through puddles, dirt, grass, mud, and questionable substances all day long. Then, we wear them to walk on our carpets, and all the germs, bacteria, and dirt we stepped in all day long ends up in our carpet. For cleaner carpet, and better health avoid wearing your shoes on carpeted floors.

Tip #5: No Food
No matter how careful you, or your family can be, accidents happen when you eat. Food can gets ground into the carpet where it gets trapped and goes bad. The easiest way to avoid this is to avoid food in carpeted areas of your home.

Carpet is a wonderful flooring for any home. However, it does take maintenance to keep it clean. Use these five easy tips to keep your carpet clean without breaking the bank, and you will see the positive results it has on your home, and your family’s overall health.

Feb 25 2016

How to Control Carpet Odor?


The problem with carpet odor is that it’s nearly impossible to eliminate. You’ve vacuumed the rug, but the smell persists. You may have even tried renting a steam cleaner, but the odor returned within a few hours. Powders never work because they cannot reach into the carpet pile. However, a professional steam cleaning company may have the answer for you.

Superior Equipment
Truck-mounted equipment has more powerful suction, and it can keep the water heated. The result is a steamy action that really breaks up the bacteria that’s causing your house to stink. As the bacteria breaks down, it’s hold on the carpet fibers loosens. When the extraction is turned on, the bacteria and the stench are effectively eliminated.

Proven Cleaning Products
Another challenge with cleaning the smell on your own is that store-bought cleaners just aren’t as strong as the commercial formulas. It’s easy for the pros to get the smell out because they’re using high-quality chemicals that can soak down into the carpet and start working on the allergens, mold, pet dander and bacteria.

In addition to using products that are proven for combatting odors, it’s also vital to note that the professionals use formulas that rinse away clean with water. While your household cleaners are prone to leaving soapy residues behind that actually attract dirt, the commercial quality options leave nothing behind.

Faster Drying
If you’ve rented steam cleaners before, then you’ve probably faced the mysterious wet dog smell that settles in when the carpet is overly wet. This is the result of mildew, and it may or may not fade with time. When you trust the professionals, you won’t have to worry about this phenomenon. Heavy duty equipment will remove more of the moisture to leave your carpet drier. While there will still be some moisture in the fibers, it typically will dry within several hours without any odors. You can start enjoying your space sooner, and you won’t have to deal with any mysterious smells.

You can spend weeks and even months struggling with carpet odors, or you can let the professionals take care of the problem in a matter of hours. Whether the cause if pets, smoke, or mold, you can rely on a skilled technician to assess the situation, determine how effective cleaning can be, and provide you with quality services. When your carpet is clean and smelling great, your entire home will feel cleaner and more welcoming.

Dec 11 2015

How Do I Prepare for a Professional Carpet Cleaning


Having the carpets professionally cleaned is an excellent way to really pick up the freshness and brightness of your home. There are a few things you should do to prepare for the carpet cleaner to arrive which will make the experience easier and move along faster.
CleanIt may seem silly to drag out the vacuum cleaner, but it is preferred that the cleaner have a debris free carpet to concentrate on. Vacuuming up the odd Cheerio will prove helpful. Wipe down all baseboards and heater/air conditioning vents in rooms that will be cleaned. This way you can stand back and take in the total clean experience afterwards.

Remove Items to Avoid Damage and Give Access to Entire Floor

If there are items that are valuable and you are afraid of damage, simply move them off to another area of the house until the carpet cleaning is done. Remove all furniture if the agreement is for a total carpet clean. Waiting until the last minute can spell disaster and delay.


Make sure that everyone in your household understands the day and time that the professional carpet cleaners will arrive. Adults and older teens can make plans to be elsewhere. Have a firm plan on childcare for the duration of the carpet cleaning.


Make sure that all pets are under supervision and out of the way of the carpet cleaning professional. Even the friendliest of dogs can have their moments. It is best to keep them in a cordoned off area. This also avoids anyone tripping and falling. Cats also have a way of sneaking outside if they are not contained. The front door will no doubt be open and closed often during the carpet cleaning process.

Where Will the Vehicle Park?

Most professional carpet cleaning companies use vans. They will most likely need to park as close to the front entrance as possible. Make sure there is adequate parking left for them before the time arrives for the project to start.

Priority Areas

Discuss the areas of concern you have with the cleaning technician both before and after the job is complete. This way you can be sure that they will take the necessary time to do the best job possible. The more they understand the problems you are experiencing, the better they can advise on carpet care.

Nov 12 2015

Health Hazards Lurking in Your Carpet

It’s important to keep your carpets cleaned in Palm Bay FL. You can do this by hiring our great carpet cleaning company. If you let your carpets get dirty then there are many different health conditions that your family could get. Here are some of the common health hazards that dirty carpets cause.

One health hazard that dirty carpets cause is Asthma attacks. When you do not have professionals clean your carpets then dust and other debris gets trapped inside your carpet. Then when people walk around the carpet this dust becomes airborne. This debris in the air is what causes asthma attacks.

Another health hazard of dirty carpets is respiratory problems. When carpets don’t get cleaned this can cause mold and fungus to grow. This is especially true in houses where a lot of things get spilled on the carpet (like homes with young children.) Mold and fungus are terrible for your lungs and can cause breathing problems in anyone that inhales the spores.

Individuals can get Athletes Foot from unclean carpets. When you have a cut on your foot your feet can become infected since your carpet can hold things that cause infection. This includes mold, debris from outside, and dust.

Rashes are another health concern that can be caused by unclean carpets. The dirt and debris that is caught in the carpet can cause allergic reactions. This allergic reaction causes rashes on the arms,legs, and other parts of the body.

Cold like symptoms are another thing that is caused by dirty carpets. The dirt and debris left from dust mites cause people to have runny noses. They can also develop a terrible cough.

Cancer is a disease that is caused by dirty carpets. When carpets are not cleaned properly and they get wet they can grow fungus and mold. When the spores get into the air they are inhaled into the lungs. This can cause lung cancer if these spores are inhaled a lot. It’s important to clean up every spill on your carpet so that mold doesn’t grow. It’s also important to hire a professional cleaning company.

Dirty carpets are very hazardous to your family’s health. This is why its important to hire a professional carpet cleaning company like ours to ensure none of these ailments affect your friends and family. By hiring our company you can ensure that your carpets will be clean and your family stays healthy.

Nov 5 2015

Top 5 Benefits of A Professional Air Duct Cleaning in your Office or Home


The quality of indoor air is influenced by factors that are in your control. For example, by cleaning your air duct professionally, your home or office can remain clean, safe and healthy throughout the year. Incorporating air duct cleaning to your regular maintenance schedule can result in a hassle-free home.

There are multiple reasons to clean your air duct by a licensed professional. For one, activities that happen on a daily basis produce a large amount of contaminants that are impossible to remove with store-bought products and solutions. These contaminants get trapped inside the interior of your home or office where there is no adequate air flow. Due to this, filters in the furnace quickly become loaded with pollen, dander, dust, dirt and pollutants that will eventually circulate in your air duct system. Meanwhile, furnace and air conditioners lose their efficiency when sticky layers of grime get coated on their vital components. This problem is so common in many households that EPA has found nearly 2-5 times more pollutant inside an uncleaned home than outside. Professional air duct cleaners will fix all these issues and make sure they don’t recur in the future. Other benefits include:

1. Improved Air Quality

There are many benefits when you are cleaning the air duct professionally. Cleaned air duct maintains the efficiency of your furnace for a long time. It will improve indoor air quality as well. Debris accumulated inside the duct-work will be removed thus making your rooms free from particulate matters. Most or all contaminants from the duct system are removed this way making your home free of pollutants and irritants.

2. Reduced Overall Cost

Cleaning duct professionally is cheaper than having to service or replace your HVAC on a regular basis. Besides, your furnace and AC equipment will work lesser to meet the indoor load which results in low utility bills.

3. No Future HVAC Issues

Professionals will clean your air duct system which means there won’t be excessive cycling and damages due to improper maintenance. Moreover, cleaned system will decrease friction loss as well as improve airflow by as much as 50 percent. All those moving parts of your furnace are no longer in extreme stress as a result.

4. No Odor

Common pollutants in the air cause unpleasant odors. These odors are pushed through the duct-work into rooms inside your house or building. Food odors too can get trapped in the air duct and eventually get embedded in the dust clusters in the system. Professionals will get rid of all kinds of odors through industrial strength cleaners.

5. No Mold and Fungi

Professionally cleaned air duct system plays a crucial role in preventing the formation of mold and fungi due to moisture and other causes.

Nov 4 2015

Carpet Selection: 5 Things You Must Know


Choosing carpeting for your home or business doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process. Knowing a few things before going and selecting a carpet can help make it a fun easy experience. Below are 5 things you must know when selecting a carpet to help make it easier to decide.

1. Know The Size: knowing the size of the room or office you want to carpet is typically the first thing to decide when selecting a new carpet. Measuring the room or just the area you want carpeted is key to getting the correct fit. No need to worry if rooms are very small or very large as carpets often come in a large variety of sizes.

2. The Kind Of Carpet You Need: knowing what kind of carpet you need is very important. Do you have family pets, young kids, spend a lot of time doing projects on the floor? You may want to invest in a comfortable fluffy carpet better for kids who play on the floor or dogs who roll around a lot. There are different materials to choose from such as fluffy soft carpets or hard thin carpets which are great for office buildings. Knowing what type you want helps in the carpet selection process.

3. The Color: choosing a color for a carpet may be one of the hardiest choices in carpet selection. Finding a color that matches furniture and decor as well as a color that is easy to keep clean is very important. Consider what room of the house or business the carpet will be and then decide what color would work best, if there is a lot of traffic it might be best to go with a darker color that won’t get dirty as easily.

4. The Quality: the quality of the carpet can make a big difference. There are so many different aspects to the quality of a carpet. Is the carpet soft, firm, does it have anti stain technology, anti static, can it be cleaned with a vacuum. All of these things contribute to the quality of a carpet. Decide what you want or don’t want in the quality of a carpet to help make it easier to decide.

5. Cost: cost is another big factor when choosing a carpet. Carpet cost can add up very quickly when you don’t invest time into choosing the right one. Some carpets can be very expensive while others can be very cheap depending on what you want out of the carpet. The cost will vary depending on the size, style and perhaps even color of the carpet.

These are all things to keep in mind when choosing a carpet. Not only will they help in the selection but may also give you some ideas as to what you want or how you want to decorate your home or office.  Carpet Cleaning Baton Rouge website has a little more info.

Sep 24 2015

Reasons Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning


A clean home is conducive for the lives of the family. A clean home always ensures that you are healthy and it protects you and your family from diseases that are spread through dirt. In addition, a clean home is a comfortable and serene place for the family. When your home is clean and tidy, it is a reflection on your character and personality. Keeping your home clean takes much initiative and resources.
In a large family setting where there are toddlers and pets, it is common to have spills and spots on the rugs and carpet. Some of these spots are easily noticed while others are hidden. However, the one thing that they have in common is that they spoil the general outlook of the home.
Imagine this scenario, you hand your son a cup of strawberry juice and in a few seconds, he or she spills it all over your white Persian carpet. You will panic and want to clean it up before the mess spreads out to the floor and carpet. You run to your supply closet and grab a brush and some detergent and as you scrub the spot you realize the spot keeps getting worse. Just like that, you will have ruined your carpet and you are not sure if the damage can be reversed.
This is a major reason why you should always enlist the service of professional carpet cleaners. Apart from you, they are the only other people who know and understand your carpet and the care it needs. The service does not come free but it protects your carpet and ensures it is spotlessly clean. Professional carpet cleaners observe the highest standards of ethics. The employees are taught on how to handle the properties with care and to ensure that they undertake their duties with utmost honesty.
There are times when you think that your carpet is clean, when in real sense it has fibers and dust particles hidden within. A professional carpet cleaner can sort that out for you in the shortest time possible.  use a large and powerful steam-cleaning machine that leaves your carpet spotless, nearly dry and soap free.
Good Carpet cleaning services always put protective guards on your floor surfaces, wall corners and baseboards before they start working. This ensures no damage is caused on the rest of the house. An added advantage is the fact that you do not have to go to them; they come to you ready to help.

Aug 17 2015

Professional Electricians

There is not a single repair or installation that should be performed by an unlicensed electrician. This is the case even though many electrical items assert that this type of installation can be accomplished by a laymen. Sometimes due to inefficient electrical work, even when the electrical breakers are disengaged, there can still be very deadly residual electricity still present in the system. Additionally, problems in the existing electrical can be compromised by the addition of new electrical devices in some cases. Homeowners should enlist the services of a professional electrician or electric company to service these types of issues because of this.

These professionals will also assess the system for potential issues. However, hiring an electrical contractor can be a new experience for some. It is imperative that the homeowner accomplishes this task proficiently because the safety of the home’s inhabitants is at stake. Electrician should have all pertinent and current licensing that is required by their municipality, state and federal codes. Because electricians are a professional trade, trade organizations as well governmental offices will have information regarding particular electricians, their licensing and in some cases, any issues. Today, people utilize online reviews to make some determinations. Even this must be done correctly however.

Good reviews are necessary, but some reviews can be fake. Because of this, it also very necessary to research if anyone has complaints. Additionally, people should utilize companies in their search that have received good word of mouth from family and friends. These references should bear some credence in the choice, but it is still necessary to choose someone that fits the personality of the particular homeowner. However, by utilizing good references, the homeowner generates a list of qualified choices. After an electrician is chosen, other characteristics come into play. Some contractors do not like to answer questions. Proficient electricians understand that clients have concerns and should treat the opinion and input from the people that hire them with respect.

Electrical problems are not only be dangerous, they can be very dramatically scary. Professional contractors understand this and alleviate the fears completely by doing professional work and also with great customer service. These contractors can also assist during the planning and implementation phase of construction projects and can also be utilized to install common device like ceiling fans, sconces and other electrical items. The vey best companies offer their service on a 24-hour basis for emergencies, and homeowners should keep their numbers handy in writing incases the power is interrupted.