Dry carpet cleaning demo | Strong Dry | Machines For Sale (530) 217-3791

Dry carpet cleaning demo | Strong Dry | Machines For Sale (530) 217-3791


Removing Sharpie Marker From Carpet!

Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems (530) 217-3791

This is a demonstration how the strong dry carpet cleaning system works, in this demonstration we are removing permanent marker from the carpet. STRONG VLM Dry Pro Series Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines, use twin-cylindrical brushes rotating at 380 rpm to agitate, scrub, lift the pile and extract in a single pass and requires no more training or effort than operating a commercial upright vacuum cleaner.
You’ll be amazed at the ease of operation and cleaning power of the STRONG VLM PRO series dry carpet cleaning machines.
Our dry carpet cleaning machines utilize the power of counter rotating brushes that lift the pile to revive matted carpet pile and traffic lanes, then dislodge soil from carpet fibers for deep, bottom up cleaning and superior soil removal.

Coupled with renovator technology, there’s simply no easier or better way to deep clean carpet, agitate prior to hot water extraction, remove dry cleaning compound and restore the pile and give virtually any carpet a beautiful clean groomed look.
Perfect for:
Deep Cleaning
Pre Spray / Compound Cleaning
Encapsulation Cleaning
Pile Lifting Agitation prior to Hot Water Extraction or bonnet cleaning