Video Training – How To Get Cat Urine Out Of Carpet

Video Training – How To Get Cat Urine Out Of Carpet

Does your cat ever drive you mad?
Waking you at 2 AM to play?
Peeling out on your chest when scared?
Knocking over a drink, causing a spill?
Dipping their paw in your cereal bowl to lick the milk from it?
These are just a few things that my cats do to torture me, and they are all done in love.

Cat lovers, in theory, are far different than dog lovers. You can leave your house, walk to the sidewalk, check your mail, come back, and your dog will be all over you like they haven’t seen you in months. That is one of the great pleasures dog owners receive. Cats however have a totally different mentality when it comes to affection. Most cats are very finicky. Some even throw their nose and tail in the air to tease us into showing them affection. These are just some of the nuances that we as cat owners both love and cherish. There is a challenging side to being a cat owner though. It comes in the form of cat urine. As a cat owner, sooner or later we all come in contact with either vomit or urine that has been left on our carpet outside the litter box. These can be very challenging. Due to modern-day technology and advancements in understanding the proteins and molecules that comprise cat urine these situations aren’t nearly as frustrating and challenging as they once were.

Removing Cat Urine Stains

Cat urine odor is likely one of the most unpleasant smells it’s owner will ever encounter. Since most cats are light picky eaters they consume more protein in their diets than other domestic pets. By having high protein diets their urine has a far more potent odor and can be tough to counteract. Defeating cat urine odor can not only be challenging at times but also very lengthy. The old methods of cat urine removal that our grandmothers used are long gone thanks to modern-day technology.

Enzyme-Based Urine Technology

Thanks to modern-day technology for cat urine removal we use a product that consists of bacterial, enzymatic pet urine odor remover by Amaziing Solutions, found on
The enzyme neutralizes the urine odor, the bacteria feeds on the element causing the odor there by breaking it down and making the extraction process easy.

Cat Spraying

While most cats teach themselves to use a litter box properly, some of them occasionally choose to urinate out of the litter box. When this occurs they’re basically marking their territory and with this temperament they will usually urinate in the same spot over and over. When you find that your cat is urinating out of the litter box you want to address this quickly. The sooner you attack this the quicker and easier it will be to not only extract and eliminate the urine odor, but retrain your cat to use the litter box. If you want to prevent this type of behavior you must permanently eliminate the stain and odor from the carpet.

The Area

If you’re having trouble finding the area that your cat has marked as its territory, we recommend Amaziing Solutions. They provide a powerful urine detector. This will allow you to find any affected areas in your home that must be addressed. After you have identified the area you are then going to want to use a strong enzyme-based cleaning product that will be able to break down the urine crystals and ready them for extraction. Most cat urine stains can be removed without using a commercial professional carpet cleaning company.


The newer the stain the easier to remove. The older stains that have been dried for several days, weeks, or months are the more challenging to remove completely. After you have found the area you must be sure its completely dry before attempting the removal process. You’re going to need some paper towels, the enzymatic cleaning product and a vacuum.

The first step is to dab the stained area with a cloth to ensure its completely dry. Don’t rub the urine deeper into the carpet as this will only spread the stain. After you’re confident that the stain is absolutely dry you can then apply your Amaziing Solutions enzyme urine cleaner. Utilizing an enzymatic cleaning product to remove cat urine will immediately neutralize the strong odor left from your cat. After you have applied the cleaning solution generously make sure to cover the stained area with a cloth and allow to set 10-15 min. depending on the age and size of the stain. After you have allowed the product to set for the allotted time, use the arm on your vacuum cleaner and extract all liquid from your enzyme cat urine cleaner product. Let it dry 10-15 min. this should completely and permanently remove all cat urine odors from the area. If it is an older stain another application may be required.

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