Home Improvement Time, Spring Of 2019

The challenge facing all homeowners at this time of year is the home improvement they dream of making. There are many trends this year, the biggest being bringing the outdoors in. Bringing more natural light in helps not only the look of your home, but also benefits your health. Lighting that is called Circadian rhythm lights, imitates […]

Tips for Preparing You Home to Sell

  In today’s thriving real estate climate, first impressions still count. Online photos highlight the best features, but in person showings is the key difference between a buyer bidding or passing up a home. Therefore, the best homes impress from the start and maintain a buyer’s interest throughout. Here are the requirements. A Pop of […]

How to Control Carpet Odor?

  The problem with carpet odor is that it’s nearly impossible to eliminate. You’ve vacuumed the rug, but the smell persists. You may have even tried renting a steam cleaner, but the odor returned within a few hours. Powders never work because they cannot reach into the carpet pile. However, a professional steam cleaning company […]

Health Hazards Lurking in Your Carpet

It’s important to keep your carpets cleaned in Palm Bay FL. You can do this by hiring our great carpet cleaning company. If you let your carpets get dirty then there are many different health conditions that your family could get. Here are some of the common health hazards that dirty carpets cause. One health […]