5 Tips For Keeping The Grout Out


Keeping tiled floors free of grout can be a very difficult task, being that it’ so easy for dirt to settle into the tiles and try to make a permanent home there so often. But there are some simple and less costly ways to keep these types of floors clean and free of the grime that takes so long to remove after it’s set in.

Here are 5 tips for cleaning floor tiles:

1. Cover tiles with baking soda, then fill a spray bottle with vinegar. Spray the vinegar on the baking soda and let the mixture sit for a few minutes, then clean the floor as usual.

2. Use a grout brush and a little water, and scrub the tiles with the brush, only adding small amounts of the water while scrubbing.

3. Spray the grout with water, then apply baking soda to the area. Let the paste-like mixture sit for a few minutes. Afterwards, spray a little more water on the baking soda, then clean with a brush.

4. Use a simple combination of dish detergent and water to remove stubborn grease from the floor. Some dish detergents are better at working on hard grease, so choose the detergent that you think will work best.

5. Regular cleaning of floors can keep dirt from setting in, so making sure that your floors stay free of dirt by mopping, sweeping or even vacuuming them on a regular basis can save you the task of having to spend a lot of time trying to remove resistant grout from them.

There are many more methods that can be used for cleaning tiles, but vinegar and baking soda solutions are the top non-chemical substances that are the most effective on the kind of grime that comes along with grout. Vinegar is best when used on natural stone tiles, because its acidic quality may be more abrasive to some other types of tiled floors.

Other products that have been used for cleaning grout from tiles are, hydrogen peroxide, scouring powder, such as Comet or Ajax, and cornstarch. All of those things are used with water when applying them to the floor. And some people choose to use sealer after cleaning grout for the purpose of keeping dirt from building back up in the tile. Drying floors immediately after mopping them, and keeping them free of muddy situations will prevent wet dirt from turning into hard to remove grime.