Health Hazards Lurking in Your Carpet

It’s important to keep your carpets cleaned in Palm Bay FL. You can do this by hiring our great carpet cleaning company. If you let your carpets get dirty then there are many different health conditions that your family could get. Here are some of the common health hazards that dirty carpets cause.

One health hazard that dirty carpets cause is Asthma attacks. When you do not have professionals clean your carpets then dust and other debris gets trapped inside your carpet. Then when people walk around the carpet this dust becomes airborne. This debris in the air is what causes asthma attacks.

Another health hazard of dirty carpets is respiratory problems. When carpets don’t get cleaned this can cause mold and fungus to grow. This is especially true in houses where a lot of things get spilled on the carpet (like homes with young children.) Mold and fungus are terrible for your lungs and can cause breathing problems in anyone that inhales the spores.

Individuals can get Athletes Foot from unclean carpets. When you have a cut on your foot your feet can become infected since your carpet can hold things that cause infection. This includes mold, debris from outside, and dust.

Rashes are another health concern that can be caused by unclean carpets. The dirt and debris that is caught in the carpet can cause allergic reactions. This allergic reaction causes rashes on the arms,legs, and other parts of the body.

Cold like symptoms are another thing that is caused by dirty carpets. The dirt and debris left from dust mites cause people to have runny noses. They can also develop a terrible cough.

Cancer is a disease that is caused by dirty carpets. When carpets are not cleaned properly and they get wet they can grow fungus and mold. When the spores get into the air they are inhaled into the lungs. This can cause lung cancer if these spores are inhaled a lot. It’s important to clean up every spill on your carpet so that mold doesn’t grow. It’s also important to hire a professional cleaning company.

Dirty carpets are very hazardous to your family’s health. This is why its important to hire a professional carpet cleaning company like ours to ensure none of these ailments affect your friends and family. By hiring our company you can ensure that your carpets will be clean and your family stays healthy.