How to Control Carpet Odor?


The problem with carpet odor is that it’s nearly impossible to eliminate. You’ve vacuumed the rug, but the smell persists. You may have even tried renting a steam cleaner, but the odor returned within a few hours. Powders never work because they cannot reach into the carpet pile. However, a professional steam cleaning company may have the answer for you.


Superior Equipment
Truck-mounted equipment has more powerful suction, and it can keep the water heated. The result is a steamy action that really breaks up the bacteria that’s causing your house to stink. As the bacteria breaks down, it’s hold on the carpet fibers loosens. When the extraction is turned on, the bacteria and the stench are effectively eliminated.

Proven Cleaning Products
Another challenge with cleaning the smell on your own is that store-bought cleaners just aren’t as strong as the commercial formulas. It’s easy for the pros to get the smell out because they’re using high-quality chemicals that can soak down into the carpet and start working on the allergens, mold, pet dander and bacteria.

In addition to using products that are proven for combatting odors, it’s also vital to note that the professionals use formulas that rinse away clean with water. While your household cleaners are prone to leaving soapy residues behind that actually attract dirt, the commercial quality options leave nothing behind.

Faster Drying
If you’ve rented steam cleaners before, then you’ve probably faced the mysterious wet dog smell that settles in when the carpet is overly wet. This is the result of mildew, and it may or may not fade with time. When you trust the professionals, you won’t have to worry about this phenomenon. Heavy duty equipment will remove more of the moisture to leave your carpet drier. While there will still be some moisture in the fibers, it typically will dry within several hours without any odors. You can start enjoying your space sooner, and you won’t have to deal with any mysterious smells.

You can spend weeks and even months struggling with carpet odors, or you can let the professionals take care of the problem in a matter of hours. Whether the cause if pets, smoke, or mold, you can rely on a skilled technician from a Boise carpet cleaning service to assess the situation, determine how effective cleaning can be, and provide you with quality services. When your carpet is clean and smelling great, your entire home will feel cleaner and more welcoming.