Top 5 Benefits of A Professional Air Duct Cleaning in your Office or Home


The quality of indoor air is influenced by factors that are in your control. For example, by cleaning your air duct professionally, your home or office can remain clean, safe and healthy throughout the year. Incorporating air duct cleaning to your regular maintenance schedule can result in a hassle-free home.

There are multiple reasons to clean your air duct by a licensed professional. For one, activities that happen on a daily basis produce a large amount of contaminants that are impossible to remove with store-bought products and solutions. These contaminants get trapped inside the interior of your home or office where there is no adequate air flow. Due to this, filters in the furnace quickly become loaded with pollen, dander, dust, dirt and pollutants that will eventually circulate in your air duct system. Meanwhile, furnace and air conditioners lose their efficiency when sticky layers of grime get coated on their vital components. This problem is so common in many households that EPA has found nearly 2-5 times more pollutant inside an uncleaned home than outside. Professional air duct cleaners will fix all these issues and make sure they don’t recur in the future. Other benefits include:

1. Improved Air Quality

There are many benefits when you are cleaning the air duct professionally. Cleaned air duct maintains the efficiency of your furnace for a long time. It will improve indoor air quality as well. Debris accumulated inside the duct-work will be removed thus making your rooms free from particulate matters. Most or all contaminants from the duct system are removed this way making your home free of pollutants and irritants.

2. Reduced Overall Cost

Cleaning duct professionally is cheaper than having to service or replace your HVAC on a regular basis. Besides, your furnace and AC equipment will work lesser to meet the indoor load which results in low utility bills.

3. No Future HVAC Issues

Professionals will clean your air duct system which means there won’t be excessive cycling and damages due to improper maintenance. Moreover, cleaned system will decrease friction loss as well as improve airflow by as much as 50 percent. All those moving parts of your furnace are no longer in extreme stress as a result.

4. No Odor

Common pollutants in the air cause unpleasant odors. These odors are pushed through the duct-work into rooms inside your house or building. Food odors too can get trapped in the air duct and eventually get embedded in the dust clusters in the system. Professionals will get rid of all kinds of odors through industrial strength cleaners.

5. No Mold and Fungi

Professionally cleaned air duct system plays a crucial role in preventing the formation of mold and fungi due to moisture and other causes.