About Us

Classified ads are full of individuals and start up companies who claim to be the best carpet cleaners in town. There is more to being a pro in this business then merely making the claim. A true professional has been at it for years and has learned the business through years of experience.

Along with the experience, professional carpet cleaners appreciate the value of good equipment along with total dedication to their craft. We say craft because, cleaning carpets effectively takes skill and know-how learned only after time in the field applying the proper techniques, the proper cleaning products and the proper way to remove difficult stains.

Professionals actually take courses taught by other professionals who have mastered the craft. When they pass the course, they are certified, and as such, can be relied on to take good care of expensive carpets and rugs. There’s no telling how many carpets have been ruined by amateurs trying to remove a stubborn stain.

Why take a chance? Go with a pro. You might be surprised to find that a top notch job done by a fully certified, well trained expert will be cost-competitive with a job done by a person less qualified and experienced.