“Carpet Cleaning in Palmerston North” by Greg Watson “Palmerston North Property Management”

“Carpet Cleaning in Palmerston North” by Greg Watson “Palmerston North Property Management”

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In this video, Greg talks about his carpet cleaning experiment. Tenants and owners often go up to him saying, “Greg, our carpets are clean. We don’t need them professionally cleaned.” So he decided to do an experiment in his own home, which he considers a clean house. The experiment was conducted in his carpeted lounge. The carpets looked nice and clean with no stains or any obvious marks. Using a basic carpet cleaner, Greg sets about cleaning his carpet and you’ll be surprised at how filthy the water from the carpet cleaner was. It was grossly dark coloured and you won’t even see Greg’s hand through the water. Now, next time someone says, “Greg, our carpets are clean”, he has a video that says it is actually quite the contrary.

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