How to avoid lots of pain and suffering when starting a carpet cleaning business on a tight budget

How to avoid lots of pain and suffering when starting a carpet cleaning business on a tight budget

Chris Blamire from Total Supply Solutions discusses how to avoid lots of pain and suffering when starting a carpet cleaning business on a tight budget.

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Video Transcription:

Hi. I’m Chris Blamire from Total Supply Solutions. Thanks for tuning in and thanks to Jena Dyco for having me as their guest blogger today.

In this video you’re going to hear a thought that might help you avoid lots of pain and suffering when starting your carpet cleaning business, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

You’re considering starting a cleaning business, fantastic. It’s a brilliant industry to be in. Low startup costs, huge market, unlimited earning potential. We’ve assisted hundreds of people start carpet cleaning businesses successfully in Australia.

There are some things we’ve learned over the years. In this video, I’m going to share a thought, which may change your plans big time. Coming from an equipment and chemical supplier, it’s not going to be what you think. You’ll know by now there are three big areas to consider when starting a carpet cleaning business on a budget.

Number one is your vehicle. Number two is your carpet cleaning equipment and tools and chemicals. Number three is your business development. That includes things like marketing, database management, training, admin, even insurance, which two of these three areas don’t matter if you can’t find a customer? That’s right, your vehicle and your carpet cleaning machine, chemicals and tools.

You can have the best stuff in the van, but it’s no use to anyone if you don’t have a customer. Most people allocate almost all their budget to these two areas but does this give you the best chance for business success? Here’s that thought I promised you earlier.

I’ve seen it work really well. It is a little counter intuitive, but hear me out. Invest the largest proportion of your budget into business development. Remember this is an investment in your future success. Again, things like training, marketing, website, SEO, brochures, radio, thank you notes, pricing and upselling strategies, business coaching, sign writing, magnets, free water bottles with your name on them.

It’s worth considering flipping your budget upside down. Spend less on transportation and equipment and more on business development. Now, can I hear you laughing at me? I’m actually dead serious about this. To prove it, here’re two suggestions that might make this possible, even on the tightest of budgets.

Number one get a trailer not a van. There’re lots of advantages to this. Number two, don’t tell the other equipment suppliers I told you this but buy your spare machine first, then buy your fancy machine second. Every professional carpet cleaner eventually needs a spare machine. Why not buy that first to start the business, and keep costs down? When the money starts to really roll, by all means, buy whatever you want, but when you’re on a budget and just getting started, we need to be smart and frugal.
Plus, in general, regardless of your budget, the type of machine an experienced and established carpet cleaner buys is different to what a new start up buys. By doing this, you automatically avoid the regret so many new carpet cleaning machine buyers experience where the machine had great marketing and what seemed a fair price but expectations and reliability were not quite met.

Developing the skills you need to be a great carpet cleaning technician is so important, and Jena Dyco, a brilliant organization to partner with this. Also, remember that developing your skills as a business person and developing a network of people who can assist you will really set you apart from the rest.

Hope this video’s given you something to think about and perhaps a way to get started easier and sooner. If you’d like to get in touch give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.