Virginia Beach Carpet Cleaning Service-Miracle Cleaning Team- 757-542-5298

Virginia Beach Carpet Cleaning Service-Miracle Cleaning Team- 757-542-5298

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Virginia Beach Carpet Cleaning Service

We service mainly Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk! Carpet cleaning is what we love to do and bringing people carpet and upholstery back to life. Why go out and buy a carpet cleaner of your own when it may not work as well? We can clean your carpet ,upholstery , or rug especially if you’re looking to rehabilitate any of them. We cleaned plenty of carpet and saved many home owners money from replacing their carpet. If you are moving in or out of your home give us a call to handle your carpet needs. Even if your home is occupied we can take care of your carpet. Virginia Beach carpet cleaning service is what we do and we love challenges. We also love pets and if you have any major spots allow us to give you a free estimate of your home.

Do you know the fabric in your carpet or upholstery acts as a filter for dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt, grease, and grime? The question is how do you get rid of all the monsters in your carpet? There are two common ways people choose to go which is cleaning it themselves or hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.

Getting your carpet or upholstery cleaned should not be a burden! It’s not bad to have a shampooer around to hit quick spots that get onto the carpet, so when should you call the professionals? Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of using Shark, Bissell, Rug Doctor, Hoover and many other shampooers versus using a Truckmounted machine.


Many people get Shampooers because they are affordable and they can clean their carpet at their own expense.
It’s great to use a shampooer but make sure you use the correct steps along with product when cleaning a spot.
We live in a DIY society; so many of us like to clean at our own expense!

Drying Time
The drying time when shampooing carpets is a little longer then a professional because we are trained on cleaning your carpets correctly. If it’s over wet other problems such as mold growth can occur.
Professional carpet cleaners will usually take classes to become certified to clean carpet. This way they can be knowledgeable on what chemistry to use to extend the life of your carpet and protect the ones you love. Learning ph levels along with determining what’s best for your carpet and upholstery should be a carpet cleaner’s focus.
Usually when renting or buying a carpet shampooing machine the hottest water you can get is from your faucet. Truckmounted machines are equipped to heat the water up to 200+ degrees Fahrenheit, and hot water is a huge component to getting carpet cleaned.

Would you prefer to wash and dry clothes for a family of five by hand or using a washing machine and a dryer? The obvious answer is using a washer and a dryer! Don’t get me wrong you can get similar results washing them by hand but it’s going to take longer and require much more manual labor on your end. The same holds true for carpet cleaning. Yes, you can use a portable shampooing machine with limited knowledge to clean your carpet, but a professional will have the tools, knowledge, and enthusiasm to clean your carpet.

Give us a call today at 757-542-5298, so we can become your carpet cleaning solution, and if you are not in our area we will explain in our next article what to look for when hiring a carpet cleaning company!
As always, “Don’t Stress We’ll Take Care of the Mess!”

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