5 Tips for Keeping Your Tile and Grout Looking Like New

Many homeowners will choose to use tile in their homes due to the way it can add value to a property and increase the aesthetic of a room. However, when you have tile in your home, it can start to look pretty old very quickly. It is important to find ways to keep your tile and grout looking like new.

Vacuum or sweep your tile floors regularly

One of the main reasons that grout will start to look old is an accumulation of dirt in the cracks. If you sweep or vacuum your tile floors on a regular basis, you will be able to keep your grout looking newer and fresh. Start the habit of cleaning your tile floors before or after you eat dinner. This is a great time for you to quickly tidy up that you can easily remember.

Use rags instead of standard mops on your tile floors

Standard mops have a tendency to leave dirty water behind. It is important that you avoid these mops and instead clean your tile floors with large rags. This will ensure that you are picking up all of the dirt and grime that traditional mops would most likely leave behind.

Don’t use overly abrasive cleaners

There are certain cleaners like AJAX that are very abrasive. These types of cleaners can actually scratch your tile floors. It is important to use more natural cleaners that will allow you to preserve the look of your tile floors.

Make sure you clean big spills right away

When you have a large spill, it is going to be easy for your grout to get affected. You need to make sure that you clean up a big spill right when it happens. This will help you to preserve your grout and keep it looking new.

Enforce a no shoes inside rule

One of the easiest ways to dirty your tile floors is by tracking in dirt, mud, and snow from outside. It can be very easy to forget to clean your floors after simply coming inside. Put a mat inside your door and enforce a no shoes policy. This will greatly impact your tile floors and also your carpeted floors.

Learn more tips for keeping your tile and grout looking new at grout cleaning Mandeville LA. They can help you preserve your floors for many years to come. Once you have learned these tips, you will need to turn them into habits in order to keep your tile floors looking clean and new.