Carpet Selection: 5 Things You Must Know


Choosing carpeting for your home or business doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process. Knowing a few things before going and selecting a carpet can help make it a fun easy experience. Below are 5 things you must know when selecting a carpet to help make it easier to decide.

1. Know The Size: knowing the size of the room or office you want to carpet is typically the first thing to decide when selecting a new carpet. Measuring the room or just the area you want carpeted is key to getting the correct fit. No need to worry if rooms are very small or very large as carpets often come in a large variety of sizes.

2. The Kind Of Carpet You Need: knowing what kind of carpet you need is very important. Do you have family pets, young kids, spend a lot of time doing projects on the floor? You may want to invest in a comfortable fluffy carpet better for kids who play on the floor or dogs who roll around a lot. There are different materials to choose from such as fluffy soft carpets or hard thin carpets which are great for office buildings. Knowing what type you want helps in the carpet selection process.

3. The Color: choosing a color for a carpet may be one of the hardiest choices in carpet selection. Finding a color that matches furniture and decor as well as a color that is easy to keep clean is very important. Consider what room of the house or business the carpet will be and then decide what color would work best, if there is a lot of traffic it might be best to go with a darker color that won’t get dirty as easily.

4. The Quality: the quality of the carpet can make a big difference. There are so many different aspects to the quality of a carpet. Is the carpet soft, firm, does it have anti stain technology, anti static, can it be cleaned with a vacuum. All of these things contribute to the quality of a carpet. Decide what you want or don’t want in the quality of a carpet to help make it easier to decide.

5. Cost: cost is another big factor when choosing a carpet. Carpet cost can add up very quickly when you don’t invest time into choosing the right one. Some carpets can be very expensive while others can be very cheap depending on what you want out of the carpet. The cost will vary depending on the size, style and perhaps even color of the carpet.

These are all things to keep in mind when choosing a carpet. Not only will they help in the selection but may also give you some ideas as to what you want or how you want to decorate your home or office. has a little more info.