Home Improvement Time, Spring Of 2019

The challenge facing all homeowners at this time of year is the home improvement they dream of making. There are many trends this year, the biggest being bringing the outdoors in.

Bringing more natural light in helps not only the look of your home, but also benefits your health.

Lighting that is called Circadian rhythm lights, imitates and acts closer to natural light. This brings your body into a more natural circadian cycle. This is called human centric lighting. The optimal light for daytime is called blue lighting. We have all heard to stay away from blue lighting at night since it tends to make a person more awake. In circadian lighting, the blue light is used for daytime and then switched to a more relaxing light for nighttime.

The other aspect of this trend is to create a wall of glass. This opens the room to the outdoors and can increase the seating via a patio or balcony. A wall of glass could either be a customized whole wall aspect or simply increasing window sizes. Installing more windows will ‘open’ a room to give the space a larger feel.

A company has designed a moving wall that you can have installed. There can be three or four panels that slide open and closed. This allows natural light to come indoors and gives the homeowner a view of the landscape, making it seem as though you are outdoors. These glass panels for your new wall are energy efficient and will continue to keep the cold or heat outside until you choose. Tips from: michaelscleaningrestoration.com and https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/maintenance-and-repair/repairing/30-tips-for-increasing-your-homes-value