How Do I Prepare for a Professional Carpet Cleaning


Having the carpets professionally cleaned is an excellent way to really pick up the freshness and brightness of your home. There are a few things you should do to prepare for the carpet cleaner to arrive which will make the experience easier and move along faster.
It may seem silly to drag out the vacuum cleaner, but it is preferred that the cleaner have a debris free carpet to concentrate on. Vacuuming up the odd Cheerio will prove helpful. Wipe down all baseboards and heater/air conditioning vents in rooms that will be cleaned. This way you can stand back and take in the total clean experience afterwards.Remove Items to Avoid Damage and Give Access to Entire FloorIf there are items that are valuable and you are afraid of damage, simply move them off to another area of the house until the carpet cleaning is done. Remove all furniture if the agreement is for a total carpet clean. Waiting until the last minute can spell disaster and delay.


Make sure that everyone in your household understands the day and time that the professional carpet cleaners will arrive. Adults and older teens can make plans to be elsewhere. Have a firm plan on childcare for the duration of the carpet cleaning.


Make sure that all pets are under supervision and out of the way of the carpet cleaning professional. Even the friendliest of dogs can have their moments. It is best to keep them in a cordoned off area. This also avoids anyone tripping and falling. Cats also have a way of sneaking outside if they are not contained. The front door will no doubt be open and closed often during the carpet cleaning process.

Where Will the Vehicle Park?

Most professional carpet cleaning companies use vans. They will most likely need to park as close to the front entrance as possible. Make sure there is adequate parking left for them before the time arrives for the project to start.

Priority Areas

Discuss the areas of concern you have with the cleaning technician both before and after the job is complete. This way you can be sure that they will take the necessary time to do the best job possible. The more they understand the problems you are experiencing, the better they can advise on carpet care.