Tips for Preparing You Home to Sell


In today’s thriving real estate climate, first impressions still count. Online photos highlight the best features, but in person showings is the key difference between a buyer bidding or passing up a home. Therefore, the best homes impress from the start and maintain a buyer’s interest throughout. Here are the requirements.

A Pop of Color
Begin the process by painting the walls a neutral color. Acceptable neutrals are white, blue, brown, beige, tan, and gray. This appeals to more buyers than an outrageous shade like orange, red, or purple because it’s distracting. Paint the exterior a fresh new shade. Additionally, catch a buyer’s eye from across the street with a front door color that turns heads. Hire a professional or go the DIY route.

Hire a Professional Cleaner
While it’s budget-friendly to DIY clean, a licensed professional cleaning team, like carpet cleaning San Luis Obispo, can clean details in areas where many sellers will not. Professionals will dust, vacuum, scrub, mop, sweep, and polish to immaculate results as well as eliminate odors. The team will power wash exterior walls, clean gutters, clean the roof, and clean walkways/driveways/porches/patios. A professional cleaning will make it easier for sellers to maintain cleanliness frequently and consistently until the home closes. Conversely, some sellers cleaning the home will clean the home to passable terms with no regard for corners, ceilings, and stubborn stains.

Good Landscaping
Sellers have two choices to approach the situation. They can hire a tree and lawn care service or they can DIY landscape. DIY landscaping involves mowing the lawn, pruning tree limbs/branches, removing weeds, planting fresh flowers, and trimming hedges and shrubs. Cleanup after the extensive work is wise, and routine maintenance is mandatory. A licensed tree and lawn care service will landscape curb appeal for an affordable price.

Do Home Repairs 
Paint chips, holes in walls, a leaky pipe/faucet, broken stairs, holes in floors, holes in ceilings, and jammed doors are examples of home repairs sellers must fix. Sellers know what’s wrong with the house better than most, so fix those problematic issues before placing it on the market.

Simple preparation methods like the ones mentioned go a long way toward generating buyer interest. A lovely home is easier for agents to promote than a seller who wants to sell without making the home livable and presentable. Besides, a great seller understands the home is about pleasing the buyer with personal emotions detached from the task.