What Is the IICRC


The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, or IICRC, is the standards and certification organization that inspects companies that do carpet cleaning and restoration of valuable carpeting. In partnership with international and some regional trade associations, the IICRC serves the nations of Canada, The United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia. Many cleaning services claim floor cleaning expertise. The truth can only be verified by those companies with a cleaning certification from IICRC. The best policy for meticulous cleaning and restoration projects is to always hire a certified firm with an honest and successful reputation.

It is the IICRC’s responsibility to inspect and certify carpet cleaning companies with an official designation, ensuring these firms are competent. They are a special group of experts, able to find the most competent cleaning companies. Because of their specialty knowledge and experience, they are the ones that provide consumer education, with classes to assist industry companies in cleaning procedures and technologies. Only when certified, can these companies be entered into the IICRC recommended contacts database.

It is the IICRC that creates the standards that both ensure workers’ competence and look out for their safety. The standards are steadfast and important safeguards for all consumers. To gain the IICRC certification, a team of sanitizers must consistently meet or exceed those standards. Another major reason to only hire firms with the IICRC mark of excellence, is that it is not simply a fraternity mark, such as dues-paid unions have. This certificate must be initially earned by passing tests in carpet cleaning classes, achieving one of two levels at graduation: Master or Journeyman. A Journeyman status requires IICRC membership for a minimum of one year, and then the cleaning specialist must work through 3 tough classes. Each class is several days long. To attain Master status, a Journeyman must work in the industry for 3 years, and then take another year’s worth of more advanced coursework.

Smart people hire only firms proven to know what they are doing when undertaking the job of cleaning and sanitizing carpeting, guaranteed by the IICRC Certificate. Hiring any firm that employs carpet cleaning workers who are not such trained and certified specialists is an invitation to flooring disaster. The wrong selection often leads to outright fraud committed by con men in nefarious operations. Always insist on seeing the IICRC’s current documentation for any company claiming to be experts in carpet cleaning.